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At Global Prefabricated Kit Home was born to turn your dream to reality.

This is real, there are no hidden costs, the process is simple with Global Prefabricated Kit Homes. We have the home you have always desired and its just a "click" away. The reality is REAL your dream home is waiting for you.


Step by Step guide to receiving your beautiful Home that you have dreamt of.


We at Global Prefabricated Kit Homes  provide comprehensive expertise in self constructed kit home construction designs with a reputation for well-managed, high-quality construction kits that successfully bring the construction assembly idea of the projects to reality. From the initial stage of choosing the right design on our site. Or you can speak to one of our building technicians about your own individual design.

Global Prefabricated Kit Homes has you completely covered with the stage of the art construction system to turn your dream into reality .Global Prefabricated kit Homes will deliver your self-constructed kit home across the globe, with just a simple "click"

A complete self-constructed  turnkey approach makes the process so easy and provides the clients with the most effective cost and time savings approach in delivering your home as you ordered. We perform all assembly and processing with the utmost efficiency and deliver your self-constructed kit on time. Budget isn’t an issues as you already know the price in advance without any rude surprises. Rely on Global Prefabricated Kit Home to perform the following services with excellence:

 Step by Step Guide .

·      1 . Choose your design  – 

            From our many home designs available

·      2.. Choose your exterior-

With either timber  Choice of Half Moon Rustic shiplap orTingaldo timber Shiplap cladding design for painting or staining.

·       3. Choose your windows -

in 3 choices of either  Aluminium ,Radiata Pine Timber or the exclusive beautiful Rauli' timber as featured.

·        4. Choose your Doors -

 Standard door designs for entry door and rear door

·         5. Choose your Zincalume roof - Choose one of the  4 colours from our range


Options Extras 

·         Turnkey Internal Fitout Kit  – Refer to the specifications brochure

·         Turnkey Subfloor Kit for the subfloor options available . refer to the Specification brochure for the individual designs listed 

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