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As demand and cost of housing increases, the need for unique housing solutions is greater than ever. Medium density housing projects offer more residential occupancy per acre than detached homes making them the perfect solution. For certain neighborhoods and communities, medium density homes are the way of the future to accommodate a growing population.


With creative floor plans, excellent craftsmanship, and modern design elements, medium density housing projects come with zero compromises when compared to standard homes. For developers and stakeholders, medium density housing provides a community-based solution along with a smart long-term business move. For future homeowners, medium density housing provides a reality to the dream of homeownership.


A well-designed medium density housing project requires collaboration on all levels. From community members and officials, to designers and engineers, housing developments have a large impact and it is important for it to be a positive one. With our 30 years of experience as Australian custom builders, we have a large network of individuals and companies we regularly work with on these types of projects. Our long-term relationships enable seamless and successful projects.



Determine a residential housing need

Work with stakeholders to determine pragmatic design

Obtain building and environmental permits

Commence the construction process with recurring quality and environmental checkpoints

Complete punchlist and project turnover to begin housing occupancy



With medium density housing projects, it is all about the floor plans. These floor plans must accommodate a high occupancy while still creating a pleasing and enjoyable environment. Determining a layout that maximizes functionality and usability for the end-user takes a true professional and a lot of hard work.


We work with designers and architects that have plenty of medium density housing experience. They will create an initial floor plan and work through many iterations of design drawings to ultimately land on the perfect floor plan solution. Client input is received and promptly addressed throughout the design process.



At Hybrid Global Construction, we love a good challenge. Medium density housing projects are often a large scope with many complexities involved. Our experienced team employs highly skilled professional architects, designers, and builders who can handle whatever these projects throw at them. From well-orchestrated coordination meetings to intricate design drawing reviews, it is all about the details when it comes to a successful medium density housing development.

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