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Kit Homes - your dream home just got easier!

Kit home packages offer a semi-custom home solution for those looking to spend a little less money than a fully custom design home. With our kit home packages Australia, you will choose from a selection of readily available home designs with customizable finishes. Our semi-custom home designs reduce the work required on the frontend and, in-turn, keep a little more money in your pocket.

How it works?

Like any homebuilding process, the kit home process involves lots of decision making. You will first choose a design that fits your needs, then choose a builder to help make your kit home dream a reality, and finally, submit your drawings for approval.

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Choose your design 

When opting for our kit home packages Australia, there are plenty of choices to make! First, you will decide on your initial home plan. Choose from the 9 home options we currently have available. Before choosing your design, you will be able to view architectural 3D renderings of the options available. This allows our customers to better visualize their future home and feel confident in their final decision. You are also able to view our Home Gallery and Drawings of our available designs below!

If you are unable to find your perfect home in our selection of 9 available plans, don’t fret! We can design a custom home solution that is expertly crafted to fit your needs. Read more below!

Once you land on your home plan with the perfect layout for you, you will need to choose finishes for items like:


Ceiling Type
✔ Exposed Rafter/Cathedral Ceiling/Racked ceiling
✔ Standard Ceiling Lining

Window Type
✔ Aluminium
✔ Cedar

● Roof Type
✔ Colorbond Roof Selections

● Exterior Doors
✔ Exterior Door Selections

You will be provided with a specification brochure that details all of the possible selections. You will also have the opportunity to work with one of our expert designers to help you choose cohesive finish options for your kit home. We will develop a custom quote based on your design and finish selections.

Design Who Builds

This is the beauty of our kit home packages Australia: you decide who builds it! Our favorite option is when you choose to work with us to build your kit home, however you can also choose to work with another construction company or you can build it yourself if you are the handy-type. Whatever build solution you choose, rest easy knowing that our kit homes come with clear, step-by-step instructions ensuring a successful build for whoever is up to the task.

Submit For Approval

Once you finalize your design and sign-on your builder, you will need to submit your kit home drawings for approval. Kit home packages Australia architectural plans must be approved by Council prior to commencing construction. We are able to assist with your submission package to Council to ensure you have all the proper paperwork. Our assistance will limit roadblocks and get you in your kit home that much quicker.


Our kit home designs are available to view below. Kit home packages can be built anywhere in Australia giving you the flexibility and simplicity you need when building your brand new dream home!

Can’t find the right kit home for you?


No problem! Our expert team of designers, architects, and builders are ready and able to design the custom home of your dreams. While our curated selection of kit home pages Australia offer a variety of styles and floor plans to choose from, we understand we might not have the right option for everyone.


Our custom kit home packages are designed to suit your exact needs. Whether you have a specific floor plan request or a one-of-a-kind design style, you will work directly with our architects and designers to explain your vision. We have designed a number of custom kit homes over the years and look forward to dreaming up yours too.


Give us a call or send us a message to get started on designing your dream and fully-custom kit home solution!

We are just a call away. Contact us for a consultation about your kit home today!

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